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Niya's Rain Stick

by Niya E.

The Name of my instrument is Niya's Rain Stick. I thought of this because I wanted to make something that shakes. My instrument is a part of the percussion family. I used 5 different painting tools.

To begin with,the materials I used were: Two cardboard tubes, corn seeds, purple paint, white paint, green paint, yellow paint, pink paint, two bottoms of styrofoam cups, 5 Popsicle sticks, 5 paint brushes, and tape. It took one day to make this instrument. I found these materials from: my bed room, the kitchen, and my mom's job. I used the tape to tape things with, I used corn seeds to make the sound, and I used the Popsicle sticks to improve the sound, I used paint and paint brushes to decorate the tube. I didn't paint the foam bottoms because I already painted the tubes.

Next, the first thing I did was paint the tubes, then I put the seeds in when it was dry and one bottom was on. The next thing I did was tape the other foam bottom on the other end so the seeds won't fall out. Then I got some scissors and pocked 5 big holes in the sides so I could put the sticks in the holes to make a better sound. I didn't really get any help from my mom but she helped with the tape and she gave me a very good opinion. The only problem I had was finding lids to hold the seeds in.

Lastly, this is how you play it, you hold it with two hands then you turn it up side down slowly. To make the sound, the volume changes if you turn it slower or harder. Also if you shake it it makes a rattle sound.

In conclusion, I felt like this was a good idea. The thing I liked about my instrument was the painting, and the taping. I learned that if you turn it softly or hardly the volume will change and I had a lot of fun.