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Mallet Glass

by Paul F.

Hi, my name is Paul and I would like to tell you where I found my musical instrument, how I made my instrument and how I make the pitches go high to low.

First, I had to think of an instrument to begin with. So I thought of a drum but I noticed that some people thought of that so I changed my mind. Instead, I thought of a different one. That was Mallet Glass. I found it in my dining room. To me it was just the thing I needed.

When I made my instrument I had to have water, glasses, and a mallet. First I got three glasses. Then I sat them on my table. Second, I filled them up with some water. Only to the middle, the bottom or nothing. Then I tested it out with my mallet. The result of my instrument was that there was a high, medium or a low pitch.

The pitches of my instrument were great. It had all the pitches. The way I changed my instrument's pitch was when I added the water. The more the water, the lower the pitch. The less water, the higher the pitch.

In conclusion, my instrument was good. The pitches were cool. Also, testing out my instrument was cool. This was very fun.