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The J*

by Rachel A.

The name of my instrument is The J*. I got the idea when I saw a shoe box in the garage. My instrument is a percussion instrument. All I did to make it was to draw on it and put some holes on the side. There wasn't really a pitch but you could make a beat. The volume was sort of soft.

I just used scissors, markers, and a box to make it. I found the box in the garage.

I just colored the box, cut holes in the bottom, and got two sticks to pound on it with. My parents did not help me. I made it by myself. There were no problems making it.

I used the sticks to make sound. To change the volume I had to pound on different sides of the box. I could also use my hands to play it but the sound stays the same.

I liked it. It was nothing big, but I liked it. My favorite part of making my instrument was coloring it. I did not learn anything while making my project.