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The Christmas Drum

by Tiara B.

The name of my instrument is the "Christmas Drum". I got the idea from my grandma. My instrument belongs in the percussion family. My instrument has Christmas colors on it. The volume of my instrument is loud.

I used paper, a bucket, cardboard, string, and foil to make my instrument. I found my bucket in the kitchen. I found the cardboard on my back porch. I found the foil in the dining room. I found the strings in my grandma's basket.

First I took a bucket and I turned it upside down. then I got some green and red paper and started gluing the paper together. After that I started drilling holes at the top of the bucket. Next I put cardboard over the bucket. Then I put string through the bucket and the cardboard. Finally I put foil over the cardboard. Then I was finished.

My grandma helped me with the gluing and the drilling. She sharpened the sticks that go with the drum. I did the loopty-loop through the cardboard and the bucket with the string. I cut a circle from out of the box and I put the foil on the drum.

The problem I had with my instrument was how was I going to make it. I solved it by thinking a lot.