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Cleo the Chime

by Grace J.

My instrument's name is Cleo the Chime. I got the idea for this instrument when my mom was collecting can tops because on a TV show this man made some chimes out of can tops. So I decided to make it. My instrument is a percussion instrument. It has a rather high pitch and a decent volume.

These are the materials I used. I made my instrument from can tops, strings and sticks. I found my materials outside and in my house. I got my can tops from cans and the string from my sewing kit. I found the stick outside on the ground. My string is red. I was going to try to paint the can tops and the stick, but I had only water colors.

This is how I made my instrument. First I got a stick from outside. Then I got some string from my sewing kit, got the can tops and some nails and a hammer. First I took the stick and held it up in the air with my hand. My mom nailed holes in the can tops and put the string in the holes of the can tops. Then we tied the string the with can top to the stick. I tried to paint it but I had only water colors and I couldn't find the paint brushes. My mom helped me put the nail holes in the can tops. The parts that only I made were the stick and the strings.

This is how I play my instrument. First I hold it in the air so a breeze can blow the can tops so they will bump into each other. My instrument has a high pitch. The pitch and volume stay the same. The sound never changes unless the wind is blowing hard.

My reaction to this project was that it was hard because the string kept getting tangled. The think I liked about my instrument was nailing in the holes. What I learned from my instrument is when metal hits against metal it vibrates to make a high pitch.