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The M.E. Guitar

by Willy B.

I made an instrument for a school project. I named my instrument the M.E. Guitar. It stands for My Electric Guitar. My Dad has lots of speakers and microphones so we decided to make an electric guitar. It's a string instrument. It looks like a railing with Legos to hold the three strings with screws on the sides. Its pitch is high and low. The volume varies. The resonance of the instrument is provided by the microphone.

I used metal rail, Legos, screws, nuts, guitar wire, a guitar pick, a microphone and a speaker. My Dad has a workshop in our basement. We have a Lego table for Legos, and my Dad has lots of extra stuff. We used our hands to do everything except for glue.

First we got the materials. Then I screwed the screws through the holes in the rail. Next we screwed in the nuts. We glued the Legos on and then my Dad used plastic twist-locks to get the microphone to stay on the guitar. The only problem we had was the number of strings. We decided on three.

You play it by plucking the strings with a pick. To change the volume, turn the speaker up or down. To change the pitch, you have to tight or loosen the strings or by pushing right above the twist-locks. (Teacher's note: You can change the pitch of a string by putting your finger on the string. This stops the vibration at a shorter point on the string and produces a higher pitch.)

My reaction to this project was I was really excited. I learned how to make an electronic instrument. In conclusion, I like the entire project.