Click the photo to hear the sound.
Yasmine's Chimes

by Yasmine S.


My instrument that I call Yasmine's Chimes isn't very special but it sounds pretty good. I got the idea because my dad and I were working with copper pipes and I thought to myself and I said that wouldn't be so hard so I just started making it and here it is. My mom helped of course. My instrument belongs to the brass family. My instrument is copper and has high and low pitches. I also have on my instrument glitter on it to make it look creative. There are small copper pipes and one big pipe that holds it all together. There are varieties of pitches but mostly high. It is also not very loud.

The materials I used are copper pipes and some wire and a small part of a wind chime. I found the copper pipes in my basemen, the wire in a store, and a wind chime in my backyard.

The way I made my instrument was I had a large copper pipe and smaller ones too and I used wire and I tied it together. My mom helped me tie it together. I did it too. But I did all the decorating. I had no problems.

The way you play my instrument by hitting a silver pipe against my instrument. Also, you could swing it back and forth but hitting it is better. If you hit it back and forth it sounds like distant wind chimes. I have big and little pipes so I can make the pitch sound a little higher or lower. If I want a loud sound I could just hit it real hard.

I liked this project. My favorite part was decorating it. I learned that not all instruments have to be fancy. But you can just make them in your own home. It's kinda fun too.