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 Longfellow School, Oak Park, Illinois


Colorful Bottle Blower

by Elisa O.

I made my instrument out of four glass bottles, beads, glitter and paint.

I painted the bottles different colors. I stuck beads on them with the hot glue gun. I put lots of glitter on the bottles. Then I hot-glued the bottles together.

I can play it by blowing across the tops of the bottles, one at a time. Each bottle has a different amount of water in it. If you blow into them, each will make a different pitch. The bottles with the least water make the lowest pitch. The bottles with the most water make the highest pitch.

My instrument has a good tone quality.

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The Sun Shaker

by Emmet D.

I used dry rice, plastic Coke bottles, construction paper, hot glue and glitter.

I put dry rice in the plastic Coke bottles. Then I hot-glued the construction paper to the bottles. Then I decorated it with glitter. I made holes in one bottle so two bottles could fit inside it. I connected all the bottles with masking tape.

When you turn it upside down or right side up, the rice scrapes against the sides of the bottles to make the sound.

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