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Longfellow School, Oak Park, Illinois

Boxes, Cans, Etc. 

The Xylobell

by Jillian M.

A small orange crate, metal piping, and pieces of wood were used to make the instrument. I also used glitter and paint to decorate it.

I painted the crate and the wood. Then, I placed the wood and the metal on the crate, which acts as a resonator. Also, I placed small pieces of wood on the tips of the dowels to make mallets.

You hit the wood and the metal pipes with mallets. These pieces then vibrate. The metal pipes produce high pitches and the difference in length makes the pitches even higher. The wood makes lower sounds; some are lower than others. To play at different volumes you can tap lightly or you can hit hard. It makes a clear sound.

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The Mega Drum

by Jacob F.

Materials: Round tin cans

Process: I glued all the pieces together with a hot glue gun.

How to play it: By striking the cans. Different sized cans produce different pitches.

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The Solar Eclipse

by Alison R.

Materials: Toilet paper roll, Jello mold, Baker's Square aluminum pie plates, beads, buttons, paint, tape, and glitter.

Process: First, I gathered the supplies. Next, I took the container, put some beads in it. Then, I taped it to the paper roll. I decorated it and that was the first one. For the next shaker, I taped the 2 pans together after I put more beans in it than the other. After that I decorated it.

How to play it: By shaking it.

The sound: One shaker has more beads than the other. It sounds different. Both shakers have a nice, clean, shaking sound.

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The Shaker Shake

by Precious C.

I used two cartons to make The Shaker Shake. I put stuff inside to make the sound. Then I painted it and added glitter.

It depends on how you shake it whether the sound is soft or loud.

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The Silver Drums

by Bryce C.

I used boxes, cans and wooden sticks. I collected different boxes and other items and painted them silver. I got a wooden stick and cut it in half.

I hit the drums with the drum sticks and the sticks cause the boxes to vibrate, which makes the sound. You can play at different volumes by banding harder or softer.

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