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Longfellow School, Oak Park, Illinois

Flower Pots

Kelsey's Ballistic Bongos

by Kelsey H.

I made the bongos out of two rubber gloves, two flower pots, pinto beans, miscellaneous small objects, and four rubber bands.

I cut the rubber gloves and stretched them over the flower pots. One had beans inside and the other had marker caps. I put rubber bands on each and decorated the pots.

You shake each one and it will make a sound like a maracas (when you hear the objects shake) or like a drum (when the objects hit the rubber glove). The harder you shake the pots, the louder the sound is. When you shake them lightly, the sound is softer.

The bongos can sound smooth or rattley. The sound can echo.

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The Raining Flowers

by Lorna B.

I used 2 medium-sized flower pots, 4 small tin cans, a large piece of nylon, 6 rubber bands, some puzzle pieces, some pop corn kernels, beads, and ribbon for decoration.

I filled the tin cans with the puzzle pieces, pop corn kernels, and beads. Then I covered them with nylon and a rubber band to keep it stable. I put the tin cans inside the two flower pots and covered the flower pots with nylon and rubber bands. I tied a ribbon over the rubber band.

Each pot makes a different sound because I put different things for shaking inside -- some hard things, some soft things.

If you shake it hard, it's louder. It has to be shaken only a little to make a good sound. It has a clankey sound, kind of like rain hitting something hard.

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Tinkling Wonder Bells

by Julie Y.

I used one long piece of wood with four holes, string that can go through the holes, small short piece of wood and four different flower sizes of flower pots.

I made my instrument by collecting the materials needed first. Then I took the string through the holeand connected it with the small and short piece of wood on both sides. After that I connected one end of string to the upside down flower pot. Then I continued with the others.

You can play the bells by hitting them with a hard object or by gently letting them bang together so they sound like wind chimes.

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