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Longfellow School, Oak Park, Illinois


The Nail Zone

by Antonio Milton

I used nails, tape, a cardboard tube, a hammer and beads. I put a small cardboard tube inside the big tube. I hammered the nails into the tube to make the beads slide down slowly.

The tape on the ends acts as a kind of drum when the beads hit it.

My instrument can make all kinds of sounds.

The Drizzler

by Mike K.

I used popsicle sticks, a wrapping paper tube and sticky rice. I made The Drizzler by make holes (slits) in the tube. I put popsicle sticks in the holes and I put rice down it. I covered both ends of the tube with a row of popsicle sticks joined with hot glue.

It produces sound by the rice hitting the sticks when you tip it upside down.

The more the rice hits the wood, the louder the sound.

Fashion Rainstick
by Jonee A.

I used beads, string, fake flowers, paint and a tube to make my rain stick. I put small objects inside the tube.

You can make sound with it by turning the Fashion Rainstick upside down repeatedly. You can make it sound softer by not forcing the instrument to go upside down really fast.

The Tubone

by Zach V.

I made the Tubone out of two wrapping paper tubes and paint.

I took the two tubes and put the smaller tube inside the bigger tube and put the two popsicle sticks into the slide to prevent the tube from sliding in too far. I decorated it with paint.

I produce sound by buzzing my lips on one end of the tube. It has a low pitch, but I can make the sound slide upward to a higher note by making my lips tighter and shortening the tube by sliding the red tube up.

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