Gallery 1 

Longfellow School

Oak Park, Illinois


by Joe B.


Two cardboard tubes: One large mailing tube for a poster about 24 inches long. Leave one of the white covers in the end. The other cardboard tube is from wrapping paper. It's about 28 inches long. The hole is about 1 and 1/2 half inches. Paint with white paint and a brush.


  1. Put the white cover in one end of the big cardboard tube.
  2. Put the longer and smaller tube inside the bigger tube.
  3. Paint the outside of the bigger tube.


How it makes sound:

You hold the bigger tube so the white cover is on the floor and hold the tube so that it is vertical to the floor. You grab the inside tube and move it up and down to make a sound. It bounces against the white cover and the sound resonates inside the tube.

Pitch and Volume:

You can't change the pitch, only the volume. You can change the volume by hitting or dropping the inside tub harder or softer.