The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions


Musical Instruments Designed by Fifth Grade Students at

Bernardston Elementary School

Bernardston, Massachusetts  

Bethany Fowler, Teacher - Mary Leyden, Tech Specialist

The Koo Koo Can

by Kim

How my instrument was made:I had a cat food can, put paper around it, and I colored in a rainbow.

How my instrument makes sound: When you lightly hit it with a stick, it will make a soft sound, but when you hit it harder it gets louder. When you put it on a flat surface it makes a low pitch and when you hold it, it makes a high pitch.



Wind Jiggler

by Krista

How my instrument was made: I used a toilet paper roll,fishing line, big and small nails.

How my instrument makes sound: I hit the big and little nails together.