Whale Flute


Jessica, 4th grader at Meadowview Elementary School

The name of my instrument is the whale flute. I called it the whale flute because it has the same low sounds as a whale makes in the ocean. I got the idea from thinking of all different types of instruments. My instrument belongs to the woodwind family. It belongs to this family because you have to buzz or blow air to make a sound.

I used a long piece of PVC pipe to make my instrument. I also use electrical tape and hot glue. My whale flute has very special decorations. I bought some very shiny stickers of underwater animals. I did this because it has to do with where whales live.

I made my whale flute by cutting PVC pipe into four pieces of different length. My mom helped me cut the PVC pipe into four pieces. I then arranged them from longest to shortest. Next I put white tape around the four pipes. After that I put hot glue between the pipes because they would not stick together with just the tape. Last I put on the very shiny stickers.

To play my whale flute you have to buzz your lips and blow hard into one pipe at a time. You can also make a softer sound by blowing across the top of each pipe. The longest pipe has the lowest pitch and the shortest pipe has the highest pitch. The harder you blow the louder the volume.

I really liked making my whale flute. I liked making it because I felt like an inventor. I learned that it is hard to make an instrument that really works.