The Twing-Twang Zinger-Zanger


Declan, 4th grader at Meadowview Elementary School


My last school related project was on an instrument. For this instrument, I made a new form of guitar. I named it the "Twing-Twang Zinger-Zanger." I got this name from the sound it makes when it is played. The first two strings sound like they're saying "twing-twang". As for the lowest string, which is the third string, it wasn't meant to, but it rubs up against one for the screws that anchors the second string down, causing it to make more of a "zing-zang" type sound.

I made this instrument by taking some wood and cutting a hole in the middle of one of the pieces. After that, I glued the pieces of wood together. While waiting for the glue to dry, I made the neck out of a square board that had been cut down to size. To make the frets, I glued nails on. The next day, I sanded down the ends of the nails to prevent them from poking my hand when I played it.

In order to play this instrument, you simply pluck the strings in the same manner as you would a regular guitar. I hope you've enjoyed learning about my music project.