The Shelby Chimes


Shelby J., 4th grader at Meadowview Elementary School

The name of my instrument is the Shelby Chimes. I got the idea from the hand chimes that I play at church. My instrument is from the percussion family and looks like a 5 piece chime. My instrument sounds like a metal thing hitting a flag pole.

The bottom part of my instrument is a table piece. The side part is just a piece of wood. The top part that the pipes are hanging from is a dowel. It is like a broom stick. The pipes are just pipes. The tablepiece is from my dad's workplace and so is the side piece. The dowel, pipes and fishing line my dad had in his garage. The tablepiece is flat and on 2 sides it has 2 short walls. The side part is a long piece of wood, but it has some curves in it. The dowel is a large round stick. The pipes are long and short silver pipes.

The first day we drilled the holes in the pipes. The second day we got the bottom and the side piece. Then we stapled the side piece to the bottom and the dowel to the side. At night we put glue in the gaps and let it dry overnight. The third day we drilled 5 holes into the dowel and hung up the pipes. My dad helped me by telling me where to use the staple gun and where to drill the holes in the pipes. He also helped me by cutting the pipes.

By myself I drilled the holes in the dowel and I put the fishing line in the holes in the pipes and hung them up. We had no problems.

You play my instrument by hitting the pipes with something metal. You can change the volume or pitch by hitting a different pipe or you can use something else to hit the pipes with.

I was excited about the assignment. I thought it would be a challenge and it was. What I liked about the assignment was that I could spend more time with my dad and I like making things. What I learned from making the instrument is how to use a drill and how to use a staple gun.