The Clinger

by Marit T.

4th grader at Meadowview Elementary School

My instrument is interesting and colorful. I named it: The Clinger. It is part of the percussion family. I used different size cans to make different pitches and volume.

I used lots of different materails for my instrument. I used cans, wood, nails, paint and rubber bnads. I foudn the wood and nails in my dad's workshop in the basement. I had the paint from a Chrismas present. I found rubber bands at my house. I used the wood and nails for the frame. I used paint to decorate the Clinger. The cans were hung using rubber bands.

One Sunday afternoon, my Dad helped me make my Clinger. I drew out how I wanted it to look. Then my Dad and I went down into our basement to cut the wood. My Dad took an old broomstick to use. Next I nailed the frame together. Then I painted the frame and the cans. I hung the cans with rubber bands. The only problem I had was one of the rubber bands broke and I had to tie it back together.

Since my instrument is in the percussion family, I play my instrument by hitting the cans with a paint brush. I can change the pitch by hitting the cans at different spots. I can also change the pitch by changing how hard I hit the cans