An "Interview" With Music Teacher, Anne Sheridan

Meadowview Elementary School

Q: In what grade are the students that made these instruments?

A: Some of the students are are in fourth grade (blue background). The ones with the yellow background are fifth graders who were in a 4/5 split grade last year.

Q: How is this unit done at your school?

A: During the sound unit in science (taught by the classroom teachers) I assign the musical instrument piece. They perform their instrument in my classroom and tell how they made it.

Q: Do you grade this project?

A: I used to grade the instrument project, I don't anymore. I use your website as a main example. I give a Certificate to each student whose instrument is selected to be presented in The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions.

Q: Can you tell us about your background?

A: I'm in my 14th year of teaching, 13 here at Meadowview. We have a keyboard lab in our school. All students in grades K-5 play them and compose. I'm Nationally Board Certified in 2002, and am currently finishing my administration, C and I, and Director of SPED licenses. (Never dull in my life...)