Blue tao-kou

by Manolis X.

I used a shallow round box with a lid made of carton, one straw, string and two beads.

I opened the box and I slightly cut two slots on the right and on the left of it with a knife.

I pulled through the string so that it comes out leaving the longer part outside the box, from both sides.

I tied the beads on both ends of the string, one on each side and closed the lid of the box by putting some glue under it.

On the bottom of the box I opened another hole to insert the straw (one could also use a stick) which I taped around the hole.

Whenever I want to play the Chinese “blue tao-kou” I hold the instrument by the straw and move it to the right and to the left in my palms.

The beads strike the surfaces of the box, producing a pulse either slow or fast.