Students in Grade 6 created these instruments as a part of the Inventions Unit.  

It was a follow-up to the studies of "sound" last year and work the class did with a partner class, a fifth grade from a city school district.

Assignment for 6th Grade Students

Invented Instruments
Due Monday, January 30, 2012

Create a one of a kind working instrument

Give your own unique instrument a clever name

Provide a written explanation about how to play your instrument invention

Present your instrument to the class


1. The instrument is completed on time
2. The instrument is unique
3. The instrument works well
4. The instrument is of very good quality                                             
5. (It is not falling apart. It is neatly constructed and is appropriately decorative.)
6. You have named the instrument
7. You present it well to the class

The best instruments from our class will be added to the online Virtual Museum of Music Inventions