Ding Dong

By Randy

The name of my instrument is Ding Dong, the Musical Drum. I thought this up on my own because I wanted it to be like a drum. The family it belongs to is the percussion. It looks like bongo drums and has a sound of its own. I put popcorn seeds in one bowl and poker chips in the other one. The pitch is a low sound and volume is loud.

The materials I used were 2 whipped topping bowls, a wooden rod, popcorn seeds, poker chips, glue and electric tape. I used materials that I could find at my house. I wanted it to be my very own instrument that I thought of and made.

I found 2 bowls and put popcorn in one and poker chips in the other one and put lids on them. Then I got a wooden rod and got my little hand saw and sawed my drum sticks ad a short piece to hold the bowls together. My mom helped me while I used the hand saw. I put electrical tape on the lids of the bowls to hold them down. I had trouble with the little wooden rod that held the bowls together. I used tacky glue but I don't know if it will stay very good.

I play my instrument with my 2 wooden drum sticks. I change the volume by how hard I hit the drum. I change the pitch by hitting the bowls on the sides and it makes different sounds since I used popcorn seeds and poker chips.

I had fun making an instrument. I had fun working with my tools and have my mom and sister watch and help me. I learned how to make my own drum with its very own sound.