By Carli

My instrument is called Dot-to-Dot. My dad and I came up with this idea. My instrument belongs to the woodwind family. My instrument has a high pitch and a low pitch.

For my instrument, I used PVC pipe, the top of a recorder and paint. I found all the materials at my house. I used green, red, yellow, pink, purple and orange paint for my instrument.

I made my instrument by cutting four holes in the bottom pipe. Then me and my dad cut a pipe the same size with no holes. We put all the pieces together and cut the top off a recorder. Then I washed it and painted it. My dad helped with the power tools, and my sister helped me paint. I painted most of it, washed it, and helped Dad with the power tools. One problem that we had was a mouth piece. We solved that by thinking hard, and then we thought about the recorder.

You play my instrument by blowing in the mouthpiece and moving your fingers over the holes. You change the volume by how hard you blow. You change the pitch by moving your fingers over different holes. You can only play it one way.

I liked this project. I liked to paint my instrument. I learned how to make an instrument.