Glittery Popcorn Popper

By Molley

The name of my instrument is the "Glittery Popcorn Popper". The idea of making this instrument was my mom was throwing her pop bottle away and I said Mom, I can use that for my instrument. This instrument belongs to the percussion family because it does not have sounds made with string, woodwind or brass. This instrument looks like a painted glittery water fountain. It sounds like popcorn popping. The pitch is high and low. The volume is loud and soft. The resonance is very, very soft and very, very high. The tone is high and low with the different sounds.

The materials I used for my instrument is a pop bottle, paint, fishing bobs, popcorn seeds, and glitter. The paint and glitter was in my art cabinet. The popcorn seeds were in our food cabinet, and the pop bottle was my mom's. We got the fishing bobs out of the garage.

My mom put the fishing bobs and the popcorn seeds in the bottle so I did not make a mess with them. The parts I did by myself was painted it and put glitter on it.

The way I play my instrument is I pull the rubber band and shake it, and also I blow in the bottle. Then I can change the volume or the pitch by putting my finger all the way through the rubber band for loud, and just putting my fingernail on it for soft sounds.

I liked this project because you get to mess with messy art stuff. I learned that it is very messy.