Pop Shaker

By Melissa

The name of my instrument is the pop shaker. I dropped a pop tab in a pop can, that is I how I got my idea. My instrument belongs in the percussion family. The volume changes on my instrument the faster I shake it. The resonance changes depending on which way I shake it.

In my instrument I used rice, 2 pop cans, a stick, duct tape, ribbon, and paper. I found my materials for my instrument outside, in the kitchen, and in the attic.

We first put rice in the two pop cans. I then took one pop can and the stick and wrapped it with duct tape. I wrapped the other pop can on the other end of the stick the same way. My parents helped me tape. I wrapped paper around both cans. I then tied ribbons around the stick. I had problems with the duct tape, tearing it. So my parents helped me with the tape.

I play my instrument by shaking it up and down. Or to make a different sound you can shake it side to side. The volume can change the faster or slower I shake it.

I was excited how my instrument turned out. I had fun taping the cans and tying the ribbons. I learned you can make instruments out of almost anything.