Rice Drum

By Kiley

The instrument I made is from the percussion family. I have named my instrument the Rice Drum. I decided to make a drum because I like the sound of them. My instrument looks like a bongo drum. The pitch of my instrument stays the same, but I can change the volume by how hard or soft I play it. The resonance of the Rice Drum is the rice vibrating in the cup. The Rice Drum has a very good tone quality.

The materials I used are a plastic cup, scotch tape, rice, and black electrical tape. The materials I used were found in my house. The cup is the base of my drum. The rice makes the sound. The scotch tape is the head of the drum. The electrical tape keeps the scotch tape on. To make the Rice Drum, I filled the cup half full of rice. Then I covered the top of the cup with scotch tape. Last I put electrical tape around the side of the cup to hold the scotch tape in place. My dad helped put the tape on tight. I poured the rice in the cup and I decorated the drum. I didn't have any problems while making the Rice Drum. The Rice Drum is played by tapping the head of the drum and shaking it. The volume can be changed by tapping the head of the drum hard or soft, or by shaking it hard or easy.

My reaction to this project was "Oh no, what am I going to do". I am glad I got to make a musical instrument because I know I can play it whenever I want. I learned what resonance and tone quality mean and how they affect my instrument.