The Rock On Instrument

By Preston

My instrument is named the Rock On Instrument. I really just thought of the idea in my head. My instrument belongs to the string and percussion families. It looks kind of weird but it's cool. I really don't know how to describe the pitch. It has a medium sound.

I used wood, nails, tape, popcorn seeds, rubber bands, and a toilet paper roll. I found the tape, popcorn seeds, toilet paper roll, and the rubber bands in my Grandma's house. The wood, nails were in my Grandpa's garage. I used the wood, nails, and the rubber bands for the string family. I used the toilet paper roll, tape, and the popcorn seeds for the percussion family.

I got a toilet paper roll and taped one side. Next, I put popcorn seeds in and taped the other side. Then I put wood on it and put the rubber bands on. My Grandpa helped with the wood and nails. My Grandma helped with the popcorn seeds, tape, and the toilet paper roll. I put the rubber bands on and some tape. My Grandpa had problems with the wood.

You shake it, and strum it. You shake it harder, and strum it harder. Because you are doing different stuff, you have a different sound.

I didn't know it was going to be like it is. I liked making everything in this project. I learned that it is fun and cool.