SaleenS7 Rainmaker

By J.D.

The name of my instrument is SaleenS7 Rainmaker. We searched the internet for the idea. The SaleenS7 belongs to the percussion family. It has the same tone as the Saleen car.

For my instrument I used wrapping paper roll, pieces of cloth, hair bands, popcorn, macaroni, pennies, and BB's. I found all the materials in my house.

First, I put a piece of cloth on one end of the tube and secured it with a hair band. Next, I poked holes in the tube with a pen. Then, I filled it with small items. Lastly, I secured the other end. My mom helped me come up with the idea and materials. The tube bent in the middle, so we put tape around the bend.

To play the instrument, you tilt it side to side letting the small objects fall down. You can change the volume and pitch by how fast you tilt it.

I did not think this was a fun project. I like naming my project. I learned that different objects make different sounds.