By Adrianne

The name of my instrument is Smiley. I got the idea from looking through my pantry. My instrument is in the percussion family. That is the name, how I got the idea of making it and what family it belongs to.

The materials I used were cardboard box, paint, stickers, paint brush, and pretzels. The paints that I used were blue, red, black, and blonde. I used smiley face stickers. I used mini pretzels. I used a red paint brush. The cardboard box was from Pop Tarts. That's all the materials I used and all I know about them.

I made it by painting the box and putting pretzels into it. My parents didn't help at all except my dad reminded me to write this. That is how I built it and how my parents helped.

You play it by shaking it and holding it against you and tapping it. That's how you play Smiley.

My reaction is that I really didn't like the project that much. I thought when you have an assignment, don't do it at the last minute.