The American Slide

by Kelly J.

The name of my instrument is The American Slide. The materials I used for it were two hollow tubes (one slightly bigger), red and blue paint and a flip-flop. I made my instrument by first painting the tubes. Then I put the smaller one in the larger one. The larger one slides on the smaller one. The two hollow tubes act as a resonator. I can change the volume by hitting the tubes harder or softer. The pitch is changed when I slide the tubes. The more that the smaller one shows, the lower the noise. The less that the smaller tube is showing, the higher the noise. The tone quality is kind of mellow.


Teacher's Note: Kelly said she got the idea for making this instrument from seeing The Blue Man Group using a similar instrument. The flip-flop (rubber sandal) is used to bang on the top of the tube. After experimentation, this made the loudest sound of any other object that was tried.