Bead Banger

By Jeremy

The name of my instrument is the Bead Banger. It is percussion. I made my instrument from plastic string, coffee can, and drum sticks. My instrument was made to be like a drum.

I made my instrument with plastic string, can, plastic rain coat, beads, stick, spray paint, and tape. First I had a can. Then I painted it. I put holes in the side of the can. Then I put beads inside. Then I threaded the cover on with string connected to hang on my neck. Then I put the beads on the stick to play.

My instrument sounds like a small drum. It also sounds like a rattle. It makes a scraping sound when you switch sides of the stick and scrape the side of the drum.

I thought it was good when I was finished. I though it wasn't so hard when I was finished also. I couldn't wait to finish. I thought that it was actually pretty fun when I finished. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please wait for about one minute for the video clip to load in and play, depending on the speed of your internet connection.