Crazy Air Percussion

By Chris

(No video clip available)

The name of my instrument is Crazy Air Percussion. You need a lot of wood to build my instrument. My instrument is in the percussion family.

To make my instrument you need a lot of wood, nails, screws, water bottles, windshield wiper fluid bottle, and saw blade. First you need to cut the 2 X 2 legs with a 15 degree and a 45 degree angle. You also need a 2 X 2 piece for the top. Paint the frame now. Then cut out the bottom of the bottles. Dull the sharp edge and paint the saw blade. Attach the sawblade and bottles. Have an adult help.

You can make sounds from my instrument by hitting it with chopsticks or pencils. You can change the volume by hitting harder or softer. The pitch is changed by hitting the different bottles and the sawblade.

I learned that inventing an instrument is hard work. What was fun for me was getting to tell about and play my instrument in front of the class.