Pineapple Shaker

By Courtney






The Pineapple Shaker is in the percussion family. We used beads, wood, glue, metal, paint, and velvet. I can shake it and it will make a loud sound. When I move it to the side it makes a soft sound.

I used two pieces of wood, metal, bead, and velvet. First, I carved the middle out. Next, I put the beads on both sides. Then, I put the metal in and glued them together. Then I cut the velvet into and then put cardboard and glued the cardboard to the velvet. Then glued the velvet to the wood Then I put lines in the wood like a pineapple.



The sound of my instrument is loud and soft. If you shake it will make a high volume, if you shake it to the side it will make a soft sound. If you hit it will make a medium sound.

Something I learned from doing this project is that you need patience. One thing I enjoyed is working with my family. That is my favorite part of the project.

Please wait for about one minute for the video clip to load in and play, depending on the speed of your internet connection.