PVC Drum

By Ryan





The name of my instrument is the PVC drum. It's in the percussion family and it's big.

I used pipes, metal, and nylon to build my drum. First, we cut the bell shaped top off the pipe. Then we cut the legs out of other pipes. Next we attached the legs. It was time to paint the legs and the rest of the pipe. We then put the nylon head on the the bungee cord. We put the metal rings on. We painted metal black and bent it to fit onto the drum. We then attached the black metal with nuts and bolts.




My drum has a very deep sound. When you hit it, it sounds like a bass drum. I can change the pitch and volume by hitting the drum harder or softer. When I hit the drum harder, it makes the sound louder. When I hit the drum softer, it sounds softer and has a deeper pitch.

I learned how to use a hack saw to build my drum. I enjoyed painting the drum.

Please wait for about one minute for the video clip to load in and play, depending on the speed of your internet connection.