By Katelyn



My instrument's name is Shake-N-Guitar, and it is in the string family. The materials were hard to find, but it was a little hard to make my instrument too. When I first played the instrument it didn't sound right. The second time I played it, it sounded just right.

First, I used five rubber bands. Next I used a box for the body of the guitar so I could put in the corn in the pipe that connected to the body. Then, I used blue for the glitter. Last, I used stickers to decorate it. These are the reasons and materials I used to make my instrument.



 The sound of my instrument was loud. I pluck the strings and shake the instrument. You can pluck the string soft to make a quiet sound, and pluck the string hard to make a loud sound. You can shake it hard to make a loud sound, or you can shake it soft to make a soft sound.

I learned from my instrument that it is really fun, because it's nice to have music. It is also fun to have new music.

Please wait for about one minute for the video clip to load in and play, depending on the speed of your internet connection.