The Triplet

By Melissa






My instrument name is The Triplet, and it is in the string and the percussion families. My instrument is three instruments put in one big instrument. My instrument makes three sounds from three different instruments.

I used tape, plastic cup, shoe box, a balloon. I put beads in the balloon to make maracas. Then I paper mated the maracas with newspaper. after that i put the balloon on a cup to make a drum. Last I painted the box and the maracas and put it together.





It makes sounds by plucking, shaking, and banging. I change the sound by hitting it harder or softer. Yes, it changes pitch by plucking my rubber bands a different way.

What I learned when doing this is that I can put three instruments right in one big instrument. What I enjoyed about making my instrument was putting it together and showing it to my music teacher.

Please wait for about one minute for the video clip to load in and play, depending on the speed of your internet connection.