Water Chimes

By Amanda



The Water Chimes are in the percussion family. My instrument is called Water Chimes because it has water involved. The sound of my instrument can change pitch, but it cannot change volume.

I used wood, glass bottles, string, nails, a wooden stick and ball, and some blue cloth. Once my Dad and I sawed the planks of wood down to size, we put four little planks into the shape of a box. Then, we put two square planks on the sides for support. Next, we put screws into the wood so we could make a hole to fit where the string would stay attached. After that, we put holes in the bottle caps, put the string through the caps, and knotted it a couple of times. Then, we put different levels of water in the bottles and screwed them on to the caps. Next, we made the mallet. We took the stick and ball and fitted the ball over the stick. After that, I took blue cloth and cut a square out ot the cloth. Then to keep the cloth on the ball, we took some orange string and wrapped it around the stick, then knotted it. After we were done with the instrument, it sounded beautiful!


My instrument is one that can't change volume, but it can change pitch. Because of the levels of water that are in the bottles, the pitch changes. I produce sound by hitting the bottles with the mallet. Bottle 1 has the highest pitch. Bottle 4 has the lowest pitch. And bottles 2 and 3 are just in between.

When I made my instrument I thought that I wasn't going to learn anything. But I did. I learned that my instrument could change pitch. I figured out that it was the water. If the water hadn't been there then my instrument would've surely got an F on sound.

Please wait for about one minute for the video clip to load in and play, depending on the speed of your internet connection.