How I made my instrument:

First, my father and I bought a wooden jewelry box. Then, I unscrewed the gold latches from the box. Next, my father cut holes into the top and side of the box with his wood cutter. I glued the top and the bottom of the box together. My father then cut another piece of wood for the neck of the guitar and I drew black lines on it and glued it onto the jewelry box. Then my mom and I drew lightening bolts onto the jewelry box with orange markers. Next, I made 3 tabs from small pieces of wood and glued then onto the neck of the woodtar. Then my father cut the pieces of train tracks and I glued them on to the body of the woodtar. Finally, I attached 3 rubber bands as the strings.

How my instrument makes a sound:

It produces a sound by plucking the rubber bands, but you have to pluck them on the side where the hole is.