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The Bariphone by Abby

The name of my instrument is the Bariphone. I got an idea for making a slightly different model, but altered the design a few times and ended up with the bariphone. I named this woodwind instrument the bariphone because it has a low pitch much like the baritone horn.

To make the bariphone I used PVS pipe, candle wax, a chocolate syrup bottle's cap, the top of a sock, and some soccer stickers. I used the PVC pipe for the instrument's body, candle wax to plug the bottom, and the cap to cover the bottom. I used the top of the sock as a mouthpiece and decorated the bariphone with the stickers.

To make the bariphone I first had my dad drill 7 holes in the PVC pipe. Then I put candle wax in the bottom of my instrument and super glued the cap to the bottom. Next I created the mouthpiece by cutting of the top of a sock and sewing it so it was the right size for the bariphone. Lastly I decorated the bariphone with stickers.

When playing the bariphone you blow into it like you would blow into any brass instrument, by vibrating you lips as you blow. The pitch changes if you adjust you lips or cover the holes.

I am really pleased with the result of my instrument because after a lot of trial and errors, I finally found how to play the bariphone so it sounds really great. I learned about how sound travels and how sound is affected through this project.