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Toothpicker 5000 by Madison and Jessica

The name of our instrument is the Toothpicker 5000. We didn't really have an idea of what to make so we grabbed all the stuff that our families were going to throw away. Our instrument belongs to the percussion/string family.

The Toothpicker 5000 is made of: stickers from our school carnival, six different rubber bands, toothpicks, and a hamburger container. With our instrument you can shake it, use the toothpicks to pluck the rubber bands, or use the toothpicks and rub the texture on the outside of the hamburger container. It makes about four different sounds. We found all the materials around our house.

We didn't have any adults help us make our instrument. At first we didn't know where to put the toothpicks, but we ended up putting them in the bottom of the container.