Red, White and Blue

Stars & Stripes Forever Guitar

by Peter V.

The name of my instrument is the guitar. The guitar is in the string family. I got the idea for making my instrument on the Internet. My guitar has a rectangular shape and is painted red, white and blue. It also has white sticker stars on it. My guitar has a low pitched tone quality. The volume is not very loud.


The materials I used to make my instrument are a tissue box, box cutter, a pencil, rubber bands, stars, and paint. I found all these materials around my home.

First I collected all the materials I needed to make my instrument. My Mom cut the tissue box with a box cutter so the cardboard tube could be put in. Then I painted the tissue box and the cardboard tube.

After the tissue box dried I put the white sticker stars on it. Next I put the rubber bands around the tissue box. finally I put a pencil under the rubber bands and my guitar was finished.

You can play my guitar by holding it in one hand and using your finger from the other hand to strike the rubber bands. You can change the volume by striking one rubber band at a time. But the volume is the loudest when striking all three rubber bands at one time.

I really enjoyed doing this project. What I liked the best about making my instrument was painting it. I learned that my instrument has different volumes depending on how many rubber bands you strike at one time. I also learned that recyclable things can be used to make instruments.