The Tamborine

by Aliyya S.

My instrument is a tambourine. It is part of the percussion family. I got my idea for making this instrument from my teacher's tambourine. I thought it would be fun and challenging to try and come up with the different materials.

Also, I wanted my instrument to make a loud sound, so the tambourine is a good instrument for me. My tambourine has resonance because the tambourine itself vibrates when it is shaken. The metal screws vibrate as well. If it is shaken hard, it has a loud volume. If it is shaken softly, it has a soft volume.

To make this, I used cardboard, tape, metal screws, beads, paint, wire and paper. First I stuck together the tape to make a circle. The cardboard is covered with papier-mâché and paint for a design. there are also pieces of cardboard which are shaped like cups. They have a cover (tape) and beads inside. It has beads inside to make a rattling sound.

My mother helped me with some of my instrument. She helped me tape the cardboard and gave me some good ideas. She did the entire cutting that had to be done with a really sharp knife. I did the papier-mâché and attached the screws to my instrument. I also painted it. A problem that I had in making the instrument was finding something that would make a loud sound. I solved that by attaching the hanger and screws.

I thought this project was hard and interesting. It was sort of fun but you had to work hard. I liked how I got to choose what my object was myself and wasn't assigned one. That wouldn't have been allowing us to think and be creative. While doing my instrument, I most enjoyed making the papier-mâché. It was fun and messy! I also liked painting the tamborine for the same reasons. I learned a lot about different instruments while doing my project. I also learned many words, like resonance and percussion. The most important thing I learned was that different boring household things could be turned into one fun project.