Pictured, above, left to right: Mini Drum Set (in front) by Ignacio C.,

Mini Drum Set (in back) by Carlo R. ,

The Silver Guitar by Daniel A.

The Silver Guitar

by Daniel A.

My instrument is a guitar. It belongs to the string family. I made my guitar out of scrap wood, cardboard, oak tag, wood blocks, wood molding, guitar strings, and plastic wire tags.

First I traced my guitar on to the cardboard. My Dad helped me cut out 2 pieces. Also, I used wood molding for the neck. To make the frets, I used plastic wire ties.

I used my Dad's guitar strings. I used wood blocks to support the two pieces of cardobard. I also used oak tag to give sides to the body. I spray painted both sides silver, but I took a permanent marker and made a big line down the middle. My guitar doesn't produce sound.