by Julissa C., Paige D. and Erika F.

Our musical instruments are called "The Bells Of Freedom". We wanted to make something that represents freedom and to remind everyone of all those heroic people that risked their lives for others and in doing so lost their own lives.

"The Bells Of Freedom" belongs to the percussion family because you need to shake them to make noise. The sound you make depends on how you shake the pot.

Our instruments resemble the World Trade Center. The pots signify the following:

The North Tower, (1st to be attacked), identifiable by the antenna on its roof; the South Tower (2nd to be attacked) and the first one to collapse; and Towers 5 & 7 which would eventually collapse.

The materials we used to make our instruments: clay flower pots, 1 foot pice of wood, paint, sandpaper, stickers, wind chimes, tattoos, hooks, string and glitter. We purchased the glitter, stickers, and paint at Toys R Us. We also went to Home Depot and bought the clay flower pots and the wood, which had to be cut in three equal lengths. The chimes came from one of our houses.


We first had to make the holes in the bottom of the pots bigger by sanding them down. One of our moms did that. Then we inserted the wood through the holes of the pots. We designed, painted and decoated the pots with glitter, stickers and tattoos.

The chimes were tied onto the hook that was screwed into the bottom of the stick. It took us 1 and 1/2 days to finally complete our projects. One of our moms helped us by going with us to buy all the materials; she also helped us by putting ideas together for the pot. The part of the instruments we did ourselves ws the painting and the decorating of the flower pots and, of course, writing this essay.

The problems we faced while decorating was when the glitter kept on smudging as we were writing on the pots. We solved this problem by using a thinner tip to write with.

To play our instruments you have to shake the stick. By doing so you make the chimes bang against the pot causing it to make noise. To change the volume or pitch of the instruments you have to either shake it slower or faster.

We all thought that this project was fun to make. what we liked best about making musical instruments was decorating the flower pots. We liked this because we had to be really creative. We learned that when making musical instruments you have to have a very creative mind. We worked very hard as a team in making a replica to show what was once the "World Trade Center".