"Tambourine" by Allison

My instrument is the tambourine. We made it first by cutting out strips of newspaper and then mixing up flower and water. Then it was time to paper maché all around the baking ring. My Mom and I did this repeatedly. We let it dry for three days. Then it was time to paint it. I painted it. When that was done I took it to my grandpa's house and then I went to school. When I got home to my grandma's house she told me that a disaster happened. My tambourine had broken, so my Mom and I made a new one. This time when we took it over to my grandpa's house he was able to cut the holes out for the washers without it breaking. That's how we made it.

To make the sound you shake it. You can make the sound louder by shaking it harder. To make the sound softer you shake it softer. The timbre sounds like wind chimes.