"The Spirit Caller" by Autumn


My report is on the Spirit Caller. Sometimes it is called the Bullroarer. My

dad is the one who helped me make it, and my mom is the one who bought the

supplies. It took about three days to make and another three days

to apply the clear finish.

The first thing I did to make it was mark the place where I wanted to

cut. I used a miter saw to cut the wood on the markings. After that, I

sanded the wood to get a nice smooth feel to it. Then I decorated it with

peace signs. The last step was to paint the spirit caller with a clear

finish called polyeurathane. This will protect the wood and make it look shiny.

And you're done!!!

The sound is made by swinging the instrument above your head.

You can change the characteristics by getting a heavier piece of wood.

You can make the sound change by moving the Spirit Caller faster or slower.

You can make the sound change by swinging the Spirit Caller either faster or

slower. This instrument's tone is very eerie and squeeky.

This is an ancient instrument. The first peoples to use this instrument

thought it was voices of unseen spirits. The Spirit Caller is still being

used by the Aboriginal people of Australia and is at least 40,000 years old!!