"Trombone" by Ben

My instrument is a trombone. My family helped me make it. I knew that I wanted to make a horn, but I didn't like any of the patterns. I thought about making a trombone, so we made up a plan for one. Then we went to the store and looked for the materials to make it. We decided on two sizes of PVC pipe, elbows, a funnel, tape, and paint. At home, I marked off the pipe to the correct sizes. My Dad cut the pipe with his table saw. Next we glued the pieces together using the elbows to make the turns. When the glue was dry we wrapped some tape around the smaller pipe to make a gasket. We slid the larger pipe over the smaller pipe to make a slide. On one end we glued the funnel. I put my Dad's trumpet mouthpiece on the other end and tried it. I could not blow it a make a good sound. The next day my Mom took me to see the band teacher. She let me borrow a trombone mouthpiece. I took it home and tried it -- it worked!!! The last thing I did was to paint it. I spent about $10.00 on my trombone. It took me about 5 hours to make my trombone and write my report.

My instrument is a "brass wind instrument". To make the sound you"buzz" (blow) into the mouthpiece. The pitch changes when I move the slide in or out. The dynamics of sound changes when I buzz harder or softer. It has a low, mellow, slurry sound.

The trombone originated about 1400 A.D. It became an important part of orchestra music in the mid 1800's. Today the trombone is important to many kinds of music such as jazz, orchestra, and bands.