"Shoebox Banjo" by Cody

My instrument is a "Shoebox" Banjo. My banjo is not made out of a shoebox because my Dad had the idea to use a round box to look more like a real banjo. My Mom and I bought the round box at JoAnn Fabrics in Mt.Pleasant. My Uncle Doug cut the wood pieces out for me. My Mom and I did the cutting and gluing. My Dad helped me pound the nails and put in the corks. I painted my banjo and my Mom helped me stain the wood parts. We worked four or five different days on the banjo.

The banjo sound is produces by strumming on the elastic bands.

The dynamics of sound on the banjo changes when I strum it in different spots. I can have a high or low pitch.

The timbre of my instrument is a plinking sound.

My instrument resembles a real banjo. It is a string musical instrument that can be strummed or plucked. It is used in bluegrass and western music.

Banjo-like string instruments with hide-covered bodies have been used on the Asian and African continents since ancient times. It is believed that a form of these insturments came to America by way of slave trade victims from West Africa where predecessors to the banjo had names such as the halam, guenbri, and bania.