"Ting Tong Xilophon" by Corbin

My musical instrument is called a Ting Tong Xilophon. My Dad, Step Mom, and Mom helped me make this instrument. First we got wood and fit it for the base part. Next I sanded the wood to make sure nobody would get a sliver. After that I stained the wood to give it some color. The next step was to clean the tubes with Scotch-Brite, that is what I did.

Then my Dad drilled holes in the tubes for them to fit on the wood. When my Dad and I nailed in the screws we didn't nail them in all the way because if you do you won't be able to get good sounds out of it.

Then next my Dad found a small metal stick and a piece of tile to see what would make the best resistance of sound. The next thing to do was experiment with the two. The tile worked best, but we knew it would be easier to hit it with the metal stick because it was bigger. So my Step Mom, Dawn, got some double-sided sticky foam (tape) and put it around the screws that held the tubes on the boards. We did this to see if the metal stick sounded better. When we were finished with the sticky stuff, we tested the metal stick. That time it did sound better. Since the metal stick and the piece of tile both sounded good I decided to keep both for better sound.

The last thing I did with my Mom. We painted the wood blue, pink and yellow for decoration. This instrument took about two hours to make total.

To produce sound, I tap the metal tubes with either a piece of tile or a metal stick. My instrument is a striking instrument. To change the dymanics, the long tubes when tapped start out low. When starting to get in the middle the sound changes to high. When ending the sound from the tubes the sound gets really high. The timbre of the instrument sounds like chimes or bells.

The history of this instrument is to be like chimes, wind chimes or a xylophone. The use for the wind chimes are when the wind is near or in a distance the chimes will ring and play beautiful music.