"The Sassy Sax" by Kay

My dad went on the farm and cut down a choke cherry tree. Then he cut the tree into boards. Then I helped him measure and cut the boards to the right size. After that we glued the boards together. Then we cut the mouthpiece and the finger holes. After that we used a rubber band to attach the reed. We rubbed oil on the saxophone to protect it from water. It took 2 days to make the Saxophone.

To make different sounds, you cover and uncover the holes with your fingers while blowing through the mouthpiece. The harder you blow the louder the sound. The weaker you blow the softer the sound. By lifting the fingers from the holes on the saxophone starting from the bottom to the top the pitch will get higher. The saxophone has a smooth sound. The sound of the saxophone in the old days was very similar to now but the design was very different.

The saxophone was invented by a Belgian man named Antoine Joseph Sax in the 1840's. The instrument was introduced in Paris and became a huge success among music lovers.