"Bunch O' Drums" by Lance

My mom and I got an empty popcorn tin and some empty soup and vegetable cans. We had to wash the cans. First we cut circles out of a paper grocery bag for the tops. We taped the tops onto the cans.

My mom and I tried to attach small cans to the tin with duct tape. That didn't work. My dad said we should use hot melt glue. That worked. I taped a piece of paper to the tin and decorated it. We used two wooden sticks for drumsticks. We spray-painted the tin blue. It didn't stick very well. We painted the small cans yellow and the drumsticks blue for Shepherd colors. We worked on it for three different days.


The sound is produced by striking the drums with the sticks. If you strike the drums hard, you will get a loud sound. To get a quieter sound, you strike them softer. If you hit the center of the drums you will get a lower pitch than if you hit the outside. The timbre of my instrument is short, banging sounds.